leader maker

Leader Maker, featuring the Catalyst Leadership System, is a mobile coach that shows you how to use the purest form of leadership and performance to increase motivation and innovation in your teams. Finding great ideas is often easier than applying them. Leader Maker eliminates the guesswork by walking you through how to apply 6 proven leadership and performance principles to motivate your teams. Training your teams is faster and easier when all teams have access to these same tools.

Use Leader Maker to teach everyone to be strategic thinkers, improve performance across the board, energize alliances, solve common problems, and build and motivate teams so they succeed on their own and require less help from upline leaders.

Leader Maker leadership principles for more training, case studies to make learning easier and something users can duplicate, and hundreds of practical ideas for more successful strategies and better results.

The key is in the system. These six performance principles combine to produce the most powerful system to motivate others, develop innovation—the process of discovering new, great ideas or better ways of doing things—and transforming builders into high-performing leaders. And 6i Catalyst focuses on making it easy for leaders to apply and teach this system to their teams.

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