Use Jump Start to enroll, retain, and build advocates faster. Jump Start is a step-by-step guide to helping advocates more quickly and confidently learn and apply proven strategies so they build confidence and momentum early and succeed faster.

Jump Start is divided into two main sections. Leader Basics trains builders on what successful leaders do and how to build confidence, read people, and mentor others. Building Basics teaches the most successful methods for building your business: contacting, following up, teaching, closing, and more. Learn key terms and find “Conversation Tips,” which provide practice dialogue and strategy ideas to make talking to people, teaching, and building a business easier and more successful.

Growth and success is accelerated when advocates recommend 6i Catalyst to their enrollments and teach them how to use it to build stronger, confident, and motivated teams faster. The sooner new enrollees build confidence and succeed, the more likely they are to become powerful leaders.

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