How do you transform people and their performance? You need a catalyst for change.

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6i Catalyst is a mobile coach and planning app designed by 6innovations specifically for network marketing professionals. 6i Catalyst helps builders develop the kind of leadership and innovation that motivates and leads to stronger teams and faster rank achievement.

The key is the cutting-edge method of simultaneously helping all levels—from new enrollees, so they become confident and more successful faster, to more casual builders, so they become high-performing leaders. This unparalleled system helps you get more productivity out of your trainings (find people struggling to implement what you are teaching them?) because it ensures faster, in-depth IMPLEMENTATION of six essential performance conditions, leadership methods, and business-building strategies.

6i Catalyst targets six crucial network marketing outcomes:

  1. Create strong leaders.
  2. Increase volume.
  3. Boost leader motivation.
  4. Hit rank faster.
  5. Improve product knowledge and teaching.
  6. Enroll more people.

6i Catalyst is like an interactive workbook—with digital reminders to offer encouragement and keep you progressing every day. Most importantly, 6i Catalyst makes it easier to apply proven strategies to your work and your teams—so duplicating success is easier and faster.


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With 6i Catalyst…

  • you learn at your own pace and convenience.
  • you can personalize learning, reminders, and business plans.
  • you get instant evaluation of business strategies so successful methods are identified and ineffective methods are eliminated.
  • you get training in the hands of everyone, so everyone is innovating!


4 Programs Designed to Train Any User at Any Level

The 6i Catalyst app features four unique programs: Jump Start, Leader Maker, Quick Tools Library, and Success Planner. Read on for more about how you can use these programs yourself and with your teams.

Interested in becoming a 6i Catalyst trainer and adding to your income? Click here for more information.

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