6i Catalyst is the first network marketing leadership app of its kind. It combines a proven leadership system with the strategies of network marketing and then presents in an easy-to-apply format. 6i Catalyst is a mobile coach that network marketing professionals use to eliminate obstacles like lack of motivation and lack of confidence. Leaders use it to develop high-performing teams that function independently, create great new ideas (innovate!), and more successfully duplicate success by operating at higher levels so volume and rank goals are achieved faster.

To take teams to places they’ve never been, leaders must be willing to go there themselves.


6i Catalyst was created by 6innovations. For 20 years, 6innovations has consulted with a wide range of companies to help them improve their leadership, operations, and ability to innovate in their teams.

Clients of 6innovations include the Utah Jazz, Larry H. Miller organizations, W.W. Clyde, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Direct TV, Myler Disability and many others.

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6innovations specializes in customizing a powerful leadership and innovation system to the unique needs of companies so their teams implement more successfully and experience transformation at all desired levels. 6innovations services include live training, seminars, eLearning, and customized apps.

To truly transform teams, everyone from the highest leader to the newest member needs to know what everyone knows and operate with the same tools. When this takes place, transformation occurs and innovation is discovered.


Clients using the 6innovations system have averaged 30% increase in profitability in the first year. Myler Disability reported a 71% increase in the 2015-2016 year.

Ultimate goals are for organizations to learn how to operate on their own at higher levels than they thought possible.

For more information about 6i Catalyst, contact us.

For information about coaching for 6i Catalyst or leadership consulting, visit 6innovations.com.

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