How do you transform people and their performance? You need a catalyst for change.

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6i Catalyst is a mobile coach and planning app designed by 6innovations specifically for network marketing professionals. 6i Catalyst helps builders develop the kind of leadership and innovation that motivates and leads to stronger teams and faster rank achievement.

The key is the cutting-edge method of simultaneously helping all levels—from new enrollees, so they become confident and more successful faster, to more casual builders, so they become high-performing leaders. This unparalleled system helps you get more productivity out of your trainings (find people struggling to implement what you are teaching them?) because it ensures faster, in-depth IMPLEMENTATION of six essential performance conditions, leadership methods, and business-building strategies.

6i Catalyst targets six crucial network marketing outcomes:

  1. Create strong leaders.
  2. Increase volume.
  3. Boost leader motivation.
  4. Hit rank faster.
  5. Improve product knowledge and teaching.
  6. Enroll more people.

6i Catalyst is like an interactive workbook—with digital reminders to offer encouragement and keep you progressing every day. Most importantly, 6i Catalyst makes it easier to apply proven strategies to your work and your teams—so duplicating success is easier and faster.


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With 6i Catalyst…

  • you learn at your own pace and convenience.
  • you can personalize learning, reminders, and business plans.
  • you get instant evaluation of business strategies so successful methods are identified and ineffective methods are eliminated.
  • you get training in the hands of everyone, so everyone is innovating!


4 Programs Designed to Train Any User at Any Level

The 6i Catalyst app features four unique programs: Jump Start, Leader Maker, Quick Tools Library, and Success Planner. Read on for more about how you can use these programs yourself and with your teams.

Interested in becoming a 6i Catalyst trainer and adding to your income? Click here for more information.



Use Jump Start to enroll, retain, and build advocates faster. Jump Start is a step-by-step guide to helping advocates more quickly and confidently learn and apply proven strategies so they build confidence and momentum early and succeed faster.

Jump Start is divided into two main sections. Leader Basics trains builders on what successful leaders do and how to build confidence, read people, and mentor others. Building Basics teaches the most successful methods for building your business: contacting, following up, teaching, closing, and more. Learn key terms and find “Conversation Tips,” which provide practice dialogue and strategy ideas to make talking to people, teaching, and building a business easier and more successful.

Growth and success is accelerated when advocates recommend 6i Catalyst to their enrollments and teach them how to use it to build stronger, confident, and motivated teams faster. The sooner new enrollees build confidence and succeed, the more likely they are to become powerful leaders.


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Leader Maker, featuring the Catalyst Leadership System, is a mobile coach that shows you how to use the purest form of leadership and performance to increase motivation and innovation in your teams. Finding great ideas is often easier than applying them. Leader Maker eliminates the guesswork by walking you through how to apply 6 proven leadership and performance principles to motivate your teams. Training your teams is faster and easier when all teams have access to these same tools.

Use Leader Maker to teach everyone to be strategic thinkers, improve performance across the board, energize alliances, solve common problems, and build and motivate teams so they succeed on their own and require less help from upline leaders.

Leader Maker leadership principles for more training, case studies to make learning easier and something users can duplicate, and hundreds of practical ideas for more successful strategies and better results.

The key is in the system. These six performance principles combine to produce the most powerful system to motivate others, develop innovation—the process of discovering new, great ideas or better ways of doing things—and transforming builders into high-performing leaders. And 6i Catalyst focuses on making it easy for leaders to apply and teach this system to their teams.


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The Quick Tools Library gives everyone immediate access to resources, troubleshooting tips, and strategies recommended by top-ranking leaders. It also features quick trainings on 14 essential skills every successful entrepreneur should possess—like communication, collaboration, and motivating others. These skills, perfect for personal development training, allow you to duplicate success by increasing your leaders’ abilities so more people have the capacity to innovate and build independently. Share these resources instantly so training is more effective.


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Success Planner is an innovative project planner and idea center that helps you increase success and eliminate stress and frustration by creating, sharing, and finding successful strategies. You’ll find hundreds of new ideas and see how to organize effective strategies with our easy-to-use templates that get you over fears and performance humps and allow you to put your ideas into action.

Find the best strategies in the industry as you search the Strategy Map Community, and share what you’ve created so everyone succeeds faster.

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