How 6i Catalyst is Different

What happens when people lose motivation to use the trainings, apps, or checklists and worksheets that are essential to grow a business? You and other top leaders push through obstacles and motivate themselves to achieve the success they have, but how do you get other people to perform?

6i CATALYST transforms people.

For people to become better versions of themselves, there needs to be change. How do you change human behavior?

6i Catalyst is different because it provides a proven leadership system—specifically applied to network marketing professionals—that teaches how to transform people into independent, self-motivated, creative-thinking leaders. It helps you improve success because it provides the tools to enhance the natural conditions for performance inside your teams. With the right system, anyone can be a high-performing, inspiring leader.

6i CATALYST teaches the process of innovation.

Many people are passionate about products and sharing, but they lack leadership skills to motivate, solve problems, persist, or strategize creatively—and as a result, they often lose momentum.

6i Catalyst is different because it shows users how to innovate. Strong entrepreneurs succeed because they maintain momentum that stems from idea generation. They develop a high level of self-awareness, and they use this awareness like a tool to identify what they need to change or improve for them to succeed—INNOVATION. Innovation leads to creativity, and creativity generates sustained momentum. Being innovative is true empowerment because innovative people control their outcomes by using the process of innovation to create business, solve problems, work more efficiently, and motivate others.

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